Wills/Immigration, Notarizations

Wills & Powers Of Attorney

Court Coach LLP can assist you in preparing your will and power of attorney. Our will and power of attorney package is $400.00 per person, or $600.00 for mirror wills for a couple, plus HST.

Our services include:

  • Explaining the nature and effect of your Will and Powers of Attorney;
  • Drafting your Will and Powers of Attorney based on your instructions;
  • Meeting with you to review and execute your Will and Powers of Attorney;
  • Provide you with advice regarding storing and caring for your Will.

Spousal And Family Sponsorships

If your spouse, dependent children or other eligible family member wishes to immigrate to Canada and you intend to sponsor them, you will need to submit the appropriate immigration application.

Our lawyers can help you prepare your application and ensure it is sent to the appropriate office. We can provide you with advice on your case, and, in the initial consultation, advise if the person you wish to sponsor is likely eligible for sponsorship.

Notarizations and Commissioning

We provide the following notarial services:

  • Certifying copies of identification and photos
  • Witnessing/ commissioning of documents
  • Execution of out-of-province real estate transactions

The cost of a notarization depends on the type of service requested. Two pieces of ID will be required for the notarization.

We provide the following additional services as well:

  • Foreign divorce opinion
  • Statutory declaration
  • Consent to travel Form
  • Adoption applications
  • Service of court document & affidavits of service