Family Law


Our retainers can be tailored to your needs and financial circumstances, as we offer many flat-rate fees. We also accept clients with limited Legal Aid Certificates.

In order to retain our firm for any of the above services, please contact Court Coach LLP at 613-695-4306 or at to schedule a consultation.

Whether you are in a relationship, recently separated from your spouse, or about to have a child, you may want to consult with one of our lawyers to see what rights and obligations you may have from a family law perspective. We offer the following consultation services:

  • Summary advice
  • Family law consultations
  • Child protection defense consultation
  • Coaching
  • Second opinion

Domestic Contracts

As in business relationships, it is usually advisable that new conjugal partners set out the terms of how they expect to conduct their financial relationship with each other. While seemingly unromantic, a prenuptial agreement or cohabitation agreement signed before entering such a relationship can help to reduce conflict and legal costs in the event of a breakdown of the relationship. It can also give spouses peace of mind. Such agreements can be amended regularly to reflect changes in your financial affairs prior to separating.

Having independent legal advice prior to entering a domestic contract with your current or past spouse can strengthen the validity of your agreement. If you would like to ask one of our family lawyers about whether a domestic contract could be helpful to you, please contact us at 613-695-4306.

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If you would like to try mediation to attempt to resolve your custody and access support or property issues outside of the court system, contact one of our lawyers to find out whether mediation would assist your case.

Matters Involving The Office Of The Children’s Lawyer Or Children’s Aid Society

If the Office of the Children’s Lawyer or Children’s Aid Society is involved in your matter, our lawyers can attend a scheduled meeting with you so that you can understand fully the recommendations made and potentially negotiate an agreement with the input of the Children’s Lawyer or CAS worker involved.

Child Support

Our family lawyers can assist with the following in resolving a dispute over child support for one or more children:

  • Calculating a party’s income and determining whether certain deductions apply for support calculation purposes;
  • Reviewing external factors, such as an extraordinary debt load or other hardship claims which can affect the amount of child support payable;
  • Reviewing which expenses specific to your child are considered special expenses and will require your contribution;
  • Determining a termination date for support for adult dependents.

These matters can be dealt with by way of an agreement or court order with the assistance of our lawyers.

Property Division And Support

Our family lawyers assist clients with negotiating separation agreements dealing with the equalization of net family property, drafting cohabitation agreements to protect the property interests of unmarried spouses, and representing clients for their trust claims in family court.

We can calculate and advise you on your rights or obligations with respect to spousal support, and assist you in securing those rights or obligations by way of an agreement , or court application.

COURT APPEARANCES Family Law And Child Protection Matters

If you wish to commence a family court application, or have been served with a family court application and need advice on how to respond, your can contact Court Coach LLP for general advice or ongoing representation at court.

Our family lawyers can assist you with the preparation for and attendance at case conferences, motions, settlement conferences, and trial. Our litigators will provide you with their best legal advice, discuss with you all reasonable proposals for settlement, and firmly represent your interests in court.

If the Children’s Aid Society is involved with your family, there are legal implications and procedures that you should be aware of. If you have been served with a court application by the Children’s Aid Society, or have been advised by the Children’s Aid Society to sign a voluntary services agreement, you may with to obtain independent legal advice on your legal rights and obligations as a parent.

Our lawyers can provide you with general advice on child protection proceedings, or represent you in court to defend or appeal against a child protection application commenced by the Children’s Aid Society in your area.

To retain one of our family law lawyers to represent you for an individual court appearance, please contact us at 613-695-4306.

Divorce Applications

For uncontested divorces, where the corollary issues of support, custody, access, and property division have already been dealt with and the parties agree to obtain a divorce, we offer a flat-rate fee for the preparation and filing of a simple divorce application.

For contested divorces, our lawyers can be retained to prepare and file your divorce application and to represent you in the court proceeding.

There are counselling services available for spouses experiencing difficulties in their marriage, or for spouses who have separated but are considering reconciliation.